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What is Docutriever?

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Docutriever is designed to address the teamwork issues of today's global businesses.  Today, work groups are located all around the world, with many different people working on the same projects in different places and in different time zones.  A place where information can be accessed anywhere, anytime is needed to ensure that all of the workgroup members are reading the same information and accessing the same standards, specifications, and expectations.  In the past, to achieve this goal of providing continuous, consistent information, companies set up their own worldwide networks or their own dialup bulletin board systems (BBS).  As the Internet becomes more and more widely available, companies are starting to depend on it to achieve this same initial goal and more.  This is the coming of the Extranet and Docutriever is an extranet service.  

The Extranet allows companies to share information between workgroup members (whether he/she belongs to the company or not), using the Internet.  This is quickly becoming the trend for today's global businesses.  "An extranet, a business-to-business network based on Internet network technology, will be one of if not the most exciting innovation in the next year," Netscape's senior vice president of technology said. "It will affect companies making investments, it will affect software, it will affect ISPs, it will affect consumers, it will affect cryptography."

Today, without the benefit of the Extranet, and without BBS (which is already being phased out), companies have to rely on e-mail and faxes to achieve this level of continuity in communication.  But, there are problems with using e-mail and faxes.  Sending information through these channels must be done from the sender's location to the recipients location, limiting possibilities.  Plus, with these means of communication, there is not always a guarantee that the recipient received your information.  In addition to these problems, if the initial information was revised, it must be sent again, and new uncertainties arise.  Did they get my revised draft?  Did they get the third revision, or are they still working from the second?  Did my revisions get to the right person?  How was my communication handled and delivered to the right person?  Time is wasted in these types of communications because time has to be spent figuring out what happened to your information in this communication uncertainty.  In business, time is so critical, and sometimes, it is the most critical factor.  Docutriever was designed to help you handle and eliminate the uncertainty of communication in global business.  It provides the same functionalities of e-mail, fax, and more, yet without the issues of uncertainty that they can raise.  It has been proven to work and it will work for you and your company.  

Docutriever contains five subsystems.  They are the file cabinet, the message system, the BBS, the personal organizer, and account management.   With these five subsystems, you can design your company's own way to fit your specific needs and facilitate your workgroups to work seamlessly together around the world.  With Docutriever, a workgroup can exchange information with the message system, store information with the file cabinet, and publish information with the BBS.  Personal information can be managed with the organizer and personal preferences can be set up with the account management system.  Below is a very brief overview of what each subsystem provides.  Please follow their links to find more detailed information regarding their functions and capabilities.

File Cabinet : provides a web based file system that is similar to your desktop file system.  You can store personal files there which can be accessed anywhere in the world.  You can also store work files there and set up proper permissions so that they can be shared with others in your group.  As long as there is Internet access, you, or your group members, can use the system anywhere in the world.  

Message System : allows you to exchange information with others in your group.  It is similar to conventional e-mail, but it eliminates the uncertainty of traditional e-mail systems.  This is because the Docutriever message system is a centralized computing service, and because it is centralized on the server, you do not have to worry about whether it can reach your recipients or not.  Plus, an extra feature that other e-mail systems do not have, allows you to check whether your message will reach your recipient and you know whether or not he/she read it.  This is unlike the traditional fax system, where you never really know whether your fax was placed on the junk pile or in the desired recipient's hands, and whether your desired recipient read your fax or put it aside.  The Docutriever message system greatly reduces the uncertainty that is found with other channels of communication.

Bulletin Board System (BBS) : provides a place for your workgroup to publish information.  It is thread-based, so you can also use it as a discussion board.  Workgroups can utilize this as a public area where people can openly discuss issues, projects, ideas, etc.  The manager can use it to announce group news, standards, and other information.

Personal Organizer : helps your organize your personal contacts, and manage your e-mail distribution list.  E-mail distribution lists can greatly reduce the workload when you need to send messages to certain groups of people.  Rather than having to separately select each individual to receive your message, you will be able to select whole groups of people with one click.

 Account Management : allows you to manage and configure your personal preferences.  For example, you can configure the system so that you will get an e-mail notification when there is a new message coming into your inbox.  You can also configure it so that your messages will automatically be marked as read when you open them.  

Please follow each link in this page to get a detailed introduction to each subsystem.