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The Docutriever™ Message System is like most e-mail systems with some enhanced features. You can send, receive, forward and reply to messages. You can also attach files to messages. However, unlike regular email, there is no SPAM message in our system because we are not using a regular email server for internal communication. This makes it a closed message system and NO SPAM will ever get into it.
An added feature of the Docutriever™ Message System is letting you know the status of a message. When you send a message, the recipient's name is displayed in boldface type to indicate that message has not been read. The recipient's name will turn to normal type when the message is read. This feature allows you to know whether your message has been read or not. To ensure this feature, the members of a group can set up a rule that everyone in the group must mark their read messages so that the sender knows the status. Or, you can set your personal preferences to automatically mark all opened messages as read.
Feature summary:
  • No SPAM
  • Message status indication and history
  • Dedicated communication channel
  • Normal email functions, Send, receive, reply, forward, etc.
  • Message priority settings
  • Message search
  • New message notification
  • Message draft
  • Display sender's photo if available