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The major component of the Docutriever™ extranet/intranet service is an online file storage, Docutriever™ file cabinet. The file cabinet allows you to store, access, modify and manage a wide variety of documents over the Internet. The file cabinet can be accessed anytime, anywhere on Internet. By sharing common documents on the Internet, you are assured system members are viewing the same, most up-to-date information.
Storing your files with Docutriever™ is a very attractive idea because it is secure and can be your backup file storage. You can store any file type: text html, audio, even video files; without security or file size concerns. Docutriever™ servers are protected by the most advanced firewall systems. All communications between the server and the client are based on secure socket layer (SSL) technology; this is one of the most secure system on the Internet today.
Each file or folder in the File Cabinet has an Access Control List (ACL). By assigning permissions within the ACL, you control which system members have access to read, post, modify or download the files. Folder permissions are inheritable; this means that when a new folder is created under its parent folder, it inherits the permissions from its parent folder. No default permission is given to a new file. The creator of the new file has full control over the file and is the owner of the file.
Feature summary:
  • Online file storage
  • Access anywhere anytime on Internet
  • Flexible strict permission setup
  • File upload, download
  • File keywords for reference and search
  • Permission inheritance
  • Notepad for quick note making
  • File search
  • Encrypted transaction
  • File download log(administrator only)