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The Docutriever™ Personal Organizer helps organize system member’s personal contacts, and manage e-mail distribution list.
E-mail distribution lists can greatly reduce the workload when you need to send messages to the same groups of people frequently. Rather than having to separately select each individual to receive your message, you simply select whole groups of people with just one click. The people in your distribution lists can be group members, members of other groups, or even people outside the Docutriever™ Server.
The contact list organizes the phone, fax, email and other information of people you would like to keep in touch with. This is the ideal place for you to keep contact info for sales reps, vendors, clients, or anyone that you may need to contact. The contacts module is like a virtual Rolodex.
Feature summary:
  • Online personal addressbook
  • Email distribution list management
  • Import and export addressbook
For more information on using the Personal Organizer, please follow the guided tours.