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The Bulletin Board System (BBS) is a centralized location that allows group leaders to make announcement to the group members. Announcements can be made with effective date and time period length which, changes its status automatically. This is convenient for activities that have time constraints, such as sales promotions, activity registrations, etc. A group member can indicate the "read" status of a message to prevent repeated reminders while logging on.
With the Docutriever™ Bulletin Board System, you can attach files to postings, or simply place the files in the group folder which system members already have access to. By attaching a file to your announcement, your group members have quick access to desired information directly in the BBS.
Another special feature of the Docutriever™ Bulletin Board System is the ability to delete postings. Just like a physical bulletin board, the Docutriever™ Bulletin Board System can become cluttered with old, outdated information. Old messages and threads can be deleted to clear clutter.
Feature summary:
  • Group announcement
  • Announcement effective time period
  • Announcement Read indication
  • File attachment
For more information on using the Docutriever™ Bulletin Board System, please follow the guided tours.